The Five Pounder

I’m sitting here in my chair trembling with excitement. I just watched Jayden’s video from ItsGonnaHurt, and NOW understand the fascination with penis size. He steps up to the plate and rides the biggest gay black cock I’ve ever seen. I’m well-endowed, but this Mandingo makes mine look like a toothpick. But I digress…My point is how incredibly intense it must be to have a bone the size of a forearm up your ass. It’s as close to fisting as you can get…

Jayden, a self-described SIZE QUEEN, gleefully volunteered his ass for destruction.

First, he nursed that chocloate banana to a full erection.

Then he dropped trou, put his legs up, and beckoned that one-eyed black giant to penetrate his tight hole. I would have been nervous as shit. Not Jared. He had anticipated this ass-breaking all day and was begging for it to enter. And in it went. I nearly choked when that black bat reached the half-way point. Not humanely possible, I thought. Then it happened. The dong edged forward, lifting Jared off the bed, until it was balls deep. Both men felt a sense of accomplishment. Then the pumping began in earnest, ending in a cum shot that I can only describe as “herculean.”

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College Boy Gets "Cock Fright"

Holy shit that’s a huge campus dude cock! No wonder Duke is looking at it and thinking, “How in the fuck am I going to suck this guy off? Better yet, how in the hell am I going to straddle that monster and ride it into the sunset?” Valid questions, indeed, Duke…

Notice that this freak gay cock’s still got some growing to do. It’s uncut, and, by the looks of it, the mushroom head has yet to peep above the foreskin. By my calculations, this erection should increase by another one to two inches.

Wanna see this cock dance?

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Picture Courtesy of: HisFirstHugeCock


AlphaBud's Big Cock Archive

One of the most acclaimed collection of big cock pictures is now available to guys like you and me. AlphaBud, the pre-eminent connoisseur of large male genitalia, felt compelled after years of personal enjoyment to share his images. Thank Zeus! here's a peek at some of the juicy wieners he's obtained over the years...

I've had the priviledge of looking at all his pics. I must say nearly all of them are incredible in terms of beauty, size, and shape. There's even cock measurement pics and big cock with cream running down their shafts. I could write a novel about the meat in this archive. But fuck that. I highly recommend you check it out for yourself.

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Santa Cock & His Nasty Elves

Santa’s a cocksucker? Bro, I, too, was blown away. But here, courtesy of HisFirstHugeCock, are pics of the St. Nick chomping down on not one HUGE COCK, BUT THREE!

I thought one YULE LOG was enough!

OK, now that’s hot. The bearded one swallowing dark meat. Freakin’ hot!

Is there a Missus Claus? If so, she ain’t putting out. ‘Cause Santa’s now devouring elf cock.

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